This tour is available for grup bookings or boat chater only. Please contact us for more information.  

Cruise duration:  2.5 hours
Departure and return: Kapitan Victor's mooring
For those looking to get well off the tourist track we recommend a spiritual journey towards Las Wolski’s mysterious and discreetly secluded Camaldolese Monastery (Klasztor Kamedułów) also known as the ‘Silver Mountain Hermitage.’ Here the Camaldolites – part of the Benedictine family of monastic orders – have lived in peace and obscurity since their founder Mikołaj Wolski (after whom the entire forest is now named) arrived from Italy and wangled the land from Sebastian Lubomirski in 1604. Damaged by fire and rebuilt in 1814, this large, walled, white limestone architectural complex is today one of the finest representations of late-Baroque style in Europe.
  • Dębniki bank
  • house of Jan Paul II
  • Church of St. Salvatore
  • Norbertine Monastery
  • St. Bronislawa Hill and Kościuszko Mound
  • Przegorzały Castle
  • Szyszko-Bohusz family residence
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